Traditional Kitchen with Amazing Storage - Town & Country Living


Traditional Kitchen with Amazing Storage - Town & Country Living


  1. Posted by lynnflevy, — Reply

    Beautiful idea. I did mine slightly differently adding a bespoke tall thin cupboard to dead space and got my carpenter to create shelves which were sized according to my racks, baking tins and chopping boards. Much better for awkward items that a wine rack!

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  3. Posted by sseveralsunlitdays, — Reply

    The color of the cabinets is so pretty! I am in love with lighter grey-ish greens.

  4. Posted by jcofer1973, — Reply

    Cool drawer. Great for cutting boards and cookie sheets.

  5. Posted by turn04, — Reply

    Can you tell me what color the cabinets are? Beautiful!

  6. Posted by daniabritt, — Reply

    I just had to like on this pic, it is so awesome

  7. Posted by MarthaGolea, — Reply

    That’s a nice green

  8. Posted by PattiPintress, — Reply

    This is very nice !

  9. Posted by homigadget, — Reply

    like your pin

  10. Posted by breezybrii16, — Reply

    I need this

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